This is a mixture of gifs, which are not in any special order, take what you want, but pease transload them to your server, thank you....Alley

asian boy beach girl Puppet Show Penguins
cool dude cruiser boat convertable car on road
Queen of Clubs Dancing Robot SATURN Betty Boop
Jammer Country Dancers Butterfly Lady Red Dancer
American Eagle Formal Dancers Two jumping Dolphins Piano Girl
Crystal Ball dancing man Cool Monkey Flying Eagle
ballerina Rose in a Teardrop Proud Elf Wizard Woman
Humminbird White Wolf Hands Jukebox
Jazzie Lady with umbrella Lady in Tub druidd
angel Native American Faces Lady singer
Piano Man Horse and rider Lady Druidd Frankinstein
Jumping Lady Lady with glasses Faces of Women Neon Dancers
Alien Dancer Alien Bird on Branch Crystal Ball
EGG Carousel Liberty Cat and Moon

gifs from disney

mickey's and disney's misc.

gifs 2

Tropical gifs

dividers bars n lines (pg.1)

dividers bars n lines (pg.2)

dividers bars n lines (pg.3)

Fabulous Fifties

Age of Aquarius

Westward Ho!


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