The fifties in America were characterized by malt shoppes, sock hops, poodle skirts and hula hoops. At the same time this nation was disturbed by anti-communist paranoia and the dread of nuclear war. Songs on the radio were "unforgetable" "mockin Bird Hill" and something new called "Doo Wop" The fifties also brought the unforgetable names of "Elvis", Rick Nelson, Troy Donahue, Edd "Kooky"Byrnes, Fabian, Frankie Avalon, Mickey Mouse club, Sandra Dee, James Dean, Marilynn,Tab Hunter and lest we not forget, from Philadelphia, Dick Clark's American Bandstand, and so, on with the show!

People in Car BettyBoop Car Lot Chef
Flap Jack Chef DriveIn Eight ball Drive in Diner
Dancers DriveIn Movie Elvis Waitress
Dancing 1957 Chevy Howdy Doody Motorcycle
PaperBoy Doing the Jitterbug Romance Magazine Rt.66 Sign
TV with static Coke Machine Uncle Sam Girl in Poodle Skirt
Box Game Fashions Pepsi Cola Pez Girl
Juke Box Station Wagon Diner Jukebox Two people
Pin Up Crisco Ad Derby Gas Doris Day
Lucy Logo Ricky Nelson Marilyn Monroe Gas Pump
Gum Ball Machine Harley Ad Pop Corn Fifties Teenager

"The Seven Year Itch" "The African Queen" "Devil Girl From Mars" "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"
"Godzilla" "Rebel Without A Cause" "Pillow Talk" "The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit"
The Invisible Man Phantom of the Opera The Asphalt Jungle The Mummy
The Roaring Twenties The Day the Earth Stood Still Magnificent Obsession Auntie Mame
Mr. Roberts High Society Rio Bravo Singing in the Rain

In 1950 A new chevy cost $1,329.00 and 60% of americans owned new cars. Motels outnumbered hotels. In 1955 the Thunderbird makes it's debut.

1958 The Edsel makes it debut and in 1959 a Eldorado Caddy costs a whopping $7,500.00. The serious games we played was how many people could we stuff into a Volkswagen..and the biggest game was the Hula Hoop."Wish I thought of that"!

Not everyone had a television it was like a big get together to watch such shows as Ted Mack's Amateur hour, Jackie Gleason, Burns & Allen with the famous ending of "goodnight Gracie", I love Lucy, Jack Benny, "Father Knows Best", "I remember MaMa", "Our Miss Brooks", Edward R. Murrow "See it Now" "Colgate Comedy Hour"starring MR. Eddie Cantor."Abbott and Costello" and the lists goes on and on.

Rainbow Gas Shell Gas Flying A Tydol
Packard Clorox General Electric Pepsi Cola
Eddy's Bread LEVIS Lucky Lager Beer
1956 Chevy Offical Food Prices Texaco's Rest Rooms Frigidaire
Maidenform Bra Prunes Philip Morris Schlitz Beer

In the fifties the best bargains were at the movies. First they had a talent show, then a hour of cartoons, the serial of the week which was usually, "Ramar King of the Jungle" or "Flash Gordon"; and then, the famous double feature and all for 25 cents. Now that was a deal!!

I hope you found your trip back to the fabulous fifties enjoyable because I had fun going back also. A BIG THANKS to Don fiftyseven 57 for allowing me to use some of his great graphics. Don't forget to sign my guest book to let me know that you were here. Alley

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