Anim. Cowboy Anim. Cowgirl Anim.Cow
White Horse Cowboy Joe Cowboy on Horse
Boot and Hat Bucking Bronc Bucking Horse
Buffalo Anim.Catus Large Catus
Camp Fire Country Dancers Hay Ride
Cowboy Kissing Horse Cowboy Ready Cowboy Relaxing

TeePee Man in Canoe Dancer
Dancer 2 Chief Fancy Hat Man
Pow Wow Smoke Signal Wolfs
Native American Symbol Icon Native Americans
Wolf Kachina Howling Wolf
Squaw Flag GLOBE

    When gold was found in California in the mid 1800s, settlers traveled in search of their fortune. The cowboys began rounding up cattle and organizing herds. The pony express, the stagecoach, and the Transcontinental Railroad and the Native Americans moved to reservations, and with all of this came the good, the bad and the ugly.

Annie Oakley Apache Kid Belle Starr Billy the Kid
John Henry "Doc" Holliday Tom & Frank McClaury Geronimo Buffalo Soldiers
Calamity Jane Crazy Horse Jesse James Sacajawea
Thomas"Bear River"Smith Crawford Goldsby Isaac Parker Tom Horn

dancers Cactus Wheel Dancin Boots Horse in Stall
Neon Chief Western Sunset Friendly Cowgirl Wagon
Silhouette Cowboy on Horse Gun sign Hat sign
Tombstone Buffalo Bull Line Steer Skull

    The wild west was an important time in this great nations history. IT was a time of Lawlessness, adventure and independence of the human spirit. It was a time of great cruelty and a hard quality of life. But through it all the dignity of man persevered. The history of this great nation is peppered with ups and downs , yet we have always stood tall, in spite of ourselves. As you can see, I have only skimmed the surface; there is so much more!!
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